Turn Buckle

Salient Features

  • Conforms to International Standard.
  • Sturdy, Smart, sparkling and long lasting.
  • Body made from forged steel conform to IS: 1570 -1961, Designation C20, weldless.
  • Axial alignment of the threaded holes in the body at opposite end are maintained accurately.
  • Components are duly normalised after forging.
  • Screwed eyes are made from steel, threaded portion are machined precisely.
  • Available sizes and capacities are stated in the table.
  • Protective Finish – Turn Buckles are Galvanished / Zinc coated or as desired.
  • Each Turn Buckle is Proof Load Tested.
SizeDimensions (mm)Safe Working LoadProof Load
M6 X 100M61000.100.20
M8 X 125M81250.150.30
M10 X 160M101600.300.60
M12 X 200M122000.450.90
M16 X 250M162500.761.52
M20 X 315M203151.142.24
M22 X 355M223551.623.24
M24 X 400M244002.004.00
M30 X 450M304503.156.30
M36 X 450M364504.509.00
M39 X 450M394505.0010.00
M45 X 450M454507.1014.20
M52 X 450M524509.5019.00
M56 X 450M5645015.0030.00
M62 X 450M6245020.0040.00