Inverter – TIG MMA Welding

Salient Features

  • Conforms to International Standard
  • World’s Safest & Lightest MMA DC Inverter
  • The electrode used in TIG is made of Tungsten or its alloy
  • Control and Protective devices –
    • Automatic circuit breaker
    • Digital Display on LED screen
    • Error Code Display on LED Screen

Available models: SQUALL | STORM | HUDHUD

Rated Input Voltage220415415
Input Power (Ph)133
Rated Frequency (Hz)505050
No Load Current (Amp)
Max. Input Current (Amp)2610.113.1
OCV (V-DC/AC)(+/- 5V)596262
Current Range (Amp)20 - 17020 - 21020 - 270
Current at 60% duty Cycle (Amp)170210270
Current at 100% duty Cycle (Amp)131162210
KVA at 60% duty Cycle5.87.410.7
KVA at 100% duty Cycle4.25.47.4
Suitable Electrode max. diameter (mm)1.6 - 3.21.6 - 3.21.6 - 4.0
Protection / Insulation ClassIP23/FIP23/FIP23/F
Type of CoolingFANFANFAN
Weight (Kgs) Apx.10.516.518
Length of suitable Output Cable (Mtr.)303030
  • All equipments are tested and approved after trial.
  • 2 mtr long 25 sq. mm Welding and Earthing Cable with Connectors & Holders, Cleaning Brush, Mask & 2 mtr long Input Cable, TIG Torch with Nozzles.
  • Equipments are Warranted for SIX months against any manufacturing defects.