Inverter Based Reber Welding Machine

Salient Features

  • Conforms to International Standard
  • Superb welding quality
  • Compact size, Light weight, Smart and long lasting
  • Steel body coated with synthetic enamel
  • Energy saving and Cost saving
  • Technical parameters are specified in table
  • Control and Protective devices –
    • Automatic circuit breaker
    • Digital Display on LED screen
    • Error Code Display on LED Screen
    • Can also be used as simple MMA welding upto 280 Amps at 100 Duty cycle

Available models:
REBAR 28 | REBAR 30 | REBAR 32

Rated Input Voltage415415
Input Power (Ph)33
Rated Frequency (Hz)5050
No Load Current (Amp)0.50.5
Max. Input Current (Amp)3238
OCV (V-DC/AC)(+/- 5V)6767
Current Range (Amp)20 - 51020 - 560
Current at 60% duty Cycle (Amp)--
Current at 100% duty Cycle (Amp)510560
KVA at 60% duty Cycle--
KVA at 100% duty Cycle1425
Suitable TMT Bar max. diameter (mm)D8 - D28D8 - D32
Protection / Insulation ClassIP23/FIP23/F
Type of CoolingFANFAN
Weight (Kgs) Apx.1011
Length of Suitable Cable100100
Table shows relation between Bar diameter to be welded and Welding Current (Amp) as reference:
Bar diameter (mm)81012141618202225283032
Welding Current (Amp)290315335355375390420460485510535560
  • All equipments are tested and approved after trial.
  • Standard accessories are provided with equipment.
  • Equipments are Warranted against any manufacturing defects.