Hand Operated Chain Pulley Block – ISI

Salient Features

  • Compact size | Durable | Light weight | Easy to carry | Minimum Effort for lifting
  • Frames: Micro alloyed steel highly strength quality precisely machined ensuring parallelism and alignment.
  • Hooks: Grade “T” Hooks with safety latches, designed and dimensioned as specified in IS: 15560-2005. made from alloy Steel forged and duly heat treated, compact size but sturdy. In 2 to 8 falls Chain Pulley Blocks, bottom Housing contains idler wheel with needle roller bearing for easy rotary
  • Load Chain Wheel: Steel recommended in lS:3832, cast, heat treated,tested, accurately machined to suit calibrated load chain & needle roller bearings for free rotation, reducing effort for lifting.
  • Load Chain: Grade 80, alloy steel load chain as per Indian/international standard electrically resistance welded, heat treated in Induction furnace calibrated and tested. Chains are having brilliant toughness, resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Gears: Highly efficient, compact and hard wearing gears made from alloy steel, truly machined and case hardened assured long life.
  • Bearings: To enhance mechanical efficiency, load wheel is mounted on sealed Needle roller bearings ?xed in frames. Additional bearings are also placed on gear cover to align the driving shaft and short pinions.
  • Brake Mechanism: Precision self actuating screw disc type mechanical brake engages Instantly, outstanding stopping power and safety for high performance with rated capacity.
  • Brake Disc: Asbestos free long lasting, low. wear and more griping ability.
  • Pawl & Ratchet Mechanism: Two nos. hardened Pawl with piano type wire springs associated with ratchet disc to enhance performance level.
  • Triple Protective Cover: One Gear cover to protect gears from external shock another chain cover to guide hand Chain with additional protective cover to protect mechanical brake arrangement from dust and mud
    intrusion, made from thick steel.
  • Load Chain Guide: To facilitate smooth movement of load chain, two nos. rotary steel rollers Guide are used.
  • Other Fittings: The vital components are perfectly designed for sufficient strength and rigidity.
    • Manufactured conforming to IS: 3832-2005 for Safety. Quality and
    • Every Chain Block is Operationally Proof Tested to a Proof load of 1.5
      times of WLL
    • After sales services are provided and Warranted for 12 months
      Spares are readily available and supplied on demand
    • Optimal use of space – Very low head room
    • Factor of Safety-4 times the rated capacity
    • Classi?cation – M1
    • Safe Working Load = 100% Working Load Limit
ModelKP 0.5KP 1KP 1.5KP 2KP 3KP 5KP 10KP 20
Standard lift (meters)33333333
Column of load chain11122248
Load chain dia (mm)66868101010
Test load (T)0.751.52.2534.57.51530
E ff ort required at capacity (n)224280290287298332342392
Dimensions (mm)Length = A
Width = B
Head room = C
Throat opening = D
Net Weight (kg)9.5121716.5263075229
Extra weight per mtr. Of extra lift (kg)
  • Extra Lift & higher sizes are available on request.
  • Due to continual development of products, Manufacturer reserve the right to modify design, dimensional parameters and component material without notice.