Principles of Conducting a Safe Lifting Operation:-

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Manufacturing different plants and construction sites, including building dams or bridges depend heavily upon various lifting operations. There are a lot of factors, which are associated with the lifting operations and you have to gather every single detail of the whole procedure to become successful in your attempt.

So, here is a list of some mishaps from which you need to stay away during the time of lifting.

Hazards Related to the Process of Lifting:

There might be more than one problem, which can arise at the time of lifting. The hazards include-

  • Crushing of some objects due to the usage of wrong slings.
  • The hazard can also arise from some collapsing structures.
  • Falling from the lifting platform or being crushed by the moving platform is another trouble , which you can face while lifting.
  • Poor environment can also interfere between the worker and their way of working.
  • Try to stay away from the electrical cables while conducting a lifting as it might become one of the mere reasons of a big accident.

How to Conduct a Safe Lifting Operation?

In spite of all the above mentioned hazards related to the lifting operation, you need to find some effective ways to conduct the whole procedure safely. Below are some essential principles for you to follow:-

Planning: You need to follow a certain plan in making the process of lifting a successful one. Don’t forget to add the risk assessment in your plan as it is a vital part of the whole process.

Control: Select a person among your team members to make him the in charge of the lifting project. This person will ensure that all the required instruments of the project are in good shape or not. He will also check out the plan for finding any fault with it.

Competence: Don’t forget to check out the qualifications of your workers before engaging them in the process of lifting. If you are planning to engage freshers in the work, make sure they get the required training.

Lifting equipment do play an essential role in making the process successful, thus, try to pay good attention in selecting all the machinery related to the work.

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