JIB Crane

We at KEPRO are skilled JIB Crane Manufacturer. To ensure optimum quality, we design JIB crane by strictly following the standards of IS 3938 and IS 807. Our JIB Crane are robust and can manage heavy weights

Free Standing Jib Crane - Capable of 360-degree rotation
Mast Type Jib Crane - Capable of 360-degree rotation
Wall Mounted Jib Crane - Capable of 200-degree rotation

We manufacture different types of cranes for different requirements. Each type of crane is crafted to meet the individual requirements of users. Specialized arm & column design thereby making it flexible for new or existing structures without extensive change to structures. Optimized design ensures reduction in the operation and maintenance costs, with increase in the uptime.

  • CapacityUp to 10 tonnes
  • Lifting ht.As per customer's requirement
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