MIG Welding Inverter

MIG Welding Inverters conform the international standard of function. Kepro deals in the most superior quality of welding equipment. All the MIG welding inverters cope with easy welding operation. Protective devices, fitted with such machines, assist the welders to work with complete safety. We provide the standardized tools at the best possible range after conducting proper and thorough inspections.

Inverter – MIG MMA Welding

Our MIG MMA Welding Inverters contain Outstandingly stable arcs with all electrodes. The team of experts at Kepro has welded MIG superbly with CO2 gas. The inverters are designed to withstand variable supply of power. Their lightweight feature makes them portable. For your ease, we have used Easy to switch technology. To prevent all kinds of mishaps related to the equipment, we test each and every part of it thoroughly prior to selling.