Arc Welding Inverter

We cater to each and every need of our clients and hence, proffer them the best quality welding equipment. The Arc Welding Inverters that we deliver can be compatible with high loads of welding operation. The compact design and superiority in performance have fetched appreciation and belief from our clients or customers. These are totally ideal for reliable and safe welding operation.


Microprocessor Control Arc Welding Inverters are designed to deliver superb welding operation. These offer international standard along with other positive traits that incorporate the saving of energy and money too. These don’t weigh much for which easy maintenance is possible. Besides, compact design, high durability and smart technology get combined to meet up every necessity of our prestigious clients.


The Arc Welding Inverters, controlled by IGBT, offer the international working capability. Kepro understands the diverse requirements of various customers and after analyzing these, we provide standardized tools with proper warranty. These types of machines are easy to be carried and the compact and simple design can help the welders to do the work without facing any hassle. Besides, such machines can be maintained easily for which customers seem to be satisfied enough.