One of the biggest challenges related to the process of lifting is getting hurt by any kind of mishap in the construction site. In order to prevent this kind of unwanted trouble our organization has come up with a brilliant idea of making slings with amazing durability. The wide range of slings offered from our end are capable of conducting any kind of lifting job quite safely.

Wire rope slings

Wire Rope Slings have been in use for many years in all kinds of industrial works. These types of slings are more temperature resistant than the nylon slings. Don’t forget that, Wire Rope Slings should never be used at temperature below -40 degrees. The length of these slings matters a lot, when it comes to conduct an industrial job. The flexibility of these slings are efficient enough for conducting all kinds of job without any further issue.

Chain Slings

Chain slings are generally used for conducting an industrial work under a high temperature. When it comes to effectiveness and durability, nothing can beat the efficiency of the Chain Slings. For the overhead lifting applications, using an alloy still Chain Sling is essential. Alloy Chain Slings can easily be distinguished from the other other metallic bodies through the hallmark.