A shackle, a piece of metal that’s locked with a bolt, is connected with quick-release locking pin mechanism. Different types of shackles are there and Kepro is offering two distinct variants among them. We provide the shackles that carry rigidity and permanence. The best quality shackles are proffered at the pocket-friendly range to offer safe and flawless functionality.

Dee shackles

Dee shackles, offered by Kepro, convey great longevity, strength and rigidity. These are also familiar with the name of chain shackles because of possessing a shape like narrow loop or chain. With such lifting tools, provided by us, one can witness total safety and guaranteed quality assurance as such tools are acquainted with international working standard and perfect protective finish.

Bow shackles

We offer bow shackles that are O shaped or rounded. These can have loads from different directions without processing much load to the side. The shackles, also named as the anchor shackles, bring down its total strength though it is also capable of tackling a larger cord. Kepro offers quality material to all the clients to evade all sorts of mishaps that can occur at the time of lifting.