Lifting Chain

Kepro have been supplying the superior quality Lifting Chain for the last few years. The wide range of Lifting Chains offered by our company has specially been designed for fulfilling the industrial purposes of our valuable clients. The raw materials used in making this marvelous product mainly consist of both the galvanised and stainless steel. The thorough procedure of inspecting the chains has secured the quality of the product.

Load Chain

The Load Chains of our organization have already gained popularity due to its amazing quality of functioning. A high quality alloy steel has been used in making this equipment, which can reflect its capacity of working. These ISO certified equipment has gone through many tests and inspections for establishing the truth about its safety. The diameter of the chain may vary from 6mm to 32mm.

Hand Chain

Our professional manufacturers of Hand Chains are more prone in delivering the best ever quality products to our important customers. The safety mechanism of this equipment has specially been added for conducting all the industrial works quite efficiently. All these hand chains are easily adaptable in different working scenarios and working environments. The length of the chain can easily be adjusted by following some usual techniques.