Lifting Equipment’s

The wide range of lifting Equipment’s offered by Kepro has specially been designed for conducting different kinds of industrial works efficiently. Whether it is a modern or traditional equipment, our professionals will look into the matter of providing you with the best ever devices for accomplishing your job. In order to make the device work properly, a routine inspection is a must thing for you to follow.

Chain Pulley Block

Chain Pulley Blocks are quite putative for its longevity and robust quality. Its demand is constantly uprising because of the superiority and attributes it bear within. We offer different chain pulley blocks that are manufactured for performing separate deeds. Quite naturally, specifications and features of such blocks are variable and individuals need to obtain one after identifying the exact requisite.

  • ISI Marked
  • CE Certified
  • Economical

Electric Hoist

We are a well known brand for manufacturing Electric Hoists for a long time. Our well crafted device has gained its popularity among the buyers due to its high strength and durability. Electric Hoist is an amazing device, which is generally used for lifting or lowering a load with the help of chain or rope as a medium of lifting.

  • Wire Rope Hoist
  • Chain Hoist

Lifting Clamps

Kepro Tools & Equipments Pvt. Ltd. deals in superior quality lifting clamps to ease the work of lifting. Vertical, Horizontal and Universal Clamps are delivered from our end and all these are totally fortified and bear complete safety and strength. We never make compromises with the quality concerned and always provide clamps after letting them go through proper tests with our adept technical professionals.

  • Vertical clamp
  • Horizontal Clamp
  • Universal Clamp

Polyester Slings

The endless range of our Polyester slings has specially been designed for meeting your different lifting purposes. Being a customer friendly organization our main focus is there on making quality products. The wide range of slings offered by our company has gone through a number of tests and inspections only for delivering the best ever products to our clients.

  • Flat & Round
  • Anticut Sleeve
  • Ratchet Straps


A shackle, a piece of metal that’s locked with a bolt, is connected with quick-release locking pin mechanism. Different types of shackles are there and Kepro is offering two distinct variants among them. We provide the shackles that carry rigidity and permanence. The best quality shackles are proffered at the pocket-friendly range to offer safe and flawless functionality.

  • Dee shackles
  • Bow shackles

Sheave pulley Block

The well trained team members of our organization are there to offer you with some superb quality Sheave Pulley Blocks. This is an incredible device for load redirection. This particular device is specially composed of a groove and a wheel. A rope, chain or a cable can run through the groove. The international quality of our products is the main reason behind our growing clientele base.

  • Wire rope pulley
  • Manila rope pulley

Lever Hoist

The most advanced Lever Hoists, crafted by our experienced team members have changed the whole scenario of different lifting related jobs. For increasing the job site safety, some features like- fused brake system has been attached to our Lever Hoists. In order to boost the longevity of this particular equipment cast steel hooks are attached with it instead of the stamped steel.

  • Ratchet Lever Hoist

Pulling & Lifting Machine

Owing to the greatest customer satisfaction, we have now decided to try our expertise in making the Pulling and Lifting Machines. These gadgets are generally used for shifting heavy products from one place to the other. With the help of our most advanced technology, used in making these devices has set them apart from the other devices of the same genre.

  • Universal Gearless Hand Operated Pulling & Lifting Machine

Travelling Trolley

We are well known for providing a wide range of travelling trolley to our worthy customers. The experienced professionals of our organization have given their best ever performance in making these high quality Travelling Trolley. The easy technique of using these trolley is the main reason behind the growing popularity of the product. All our products are inspected carefully before sending them in the market to sell.

  • Manual Trolley
  • Electric Trolley

Lifting Chain

Kepro have been supplying the superior quality Lifting Chain for the last few years. The wide range of Lifting Chains offered by our company has specially been designed for fulfilling the industrial purposes of our valuable clients. The raw materials used in making this marvelous product mainly consist of both the galvanised and stainless steel. The thorough procedure of inspecting the chains has secured the quality of the product.

  • Load Chain
  • Hand Chain

Electric Winch

Our company has already gained the reputation of providing the best ever quality products, such as Electric Winch for the last few years. This is a lifting device consisting of a horizontal cylinder. The goods carrying capacity of this tool might range from 0.1 to 2 tons. The top grade raw materials used in making this product is the main reason behind the durability of it.

  • Electricwinch

Turn Buckle

As a well known manufacturer of Turn Buckles, our main aim is to deliver the superior quality product to the valuable customers. The main reason behind the invention of this tool is to adjust the tension or length of ropes and cables. The tension can well be adjusted by rotating the frame in a particular way. The usage of turn buckles are only recommended for conducting the in-line or straight pull only.

  • TurnBuckle


One of the biggest challenges related to the process of lifting is getting hurt by any kind of mishap in the construction site. In order to prevent this kind of unwanted trouble our organization has come up with a brilliant idea of making slings with amazing durability. The wide range of slings offered from our end are capable of conducting any kind of lifting job quite safely.

  • Wire rope slings
  • Chain Slings